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Guest blog post: It really is the small things

By Shannon Gwash

When I first read about the My 100 Days project, I thought it was an incredible idea. When I thought about what I could actually do, I struggled.

People have a lot of barriers to behavior change—time, values, money, logistics, desire, etc. In looking at my own, I could easily recognize two major ones: time and money. (I’m sure I’m not alone here.) So I looked for “easy” options and found three I could execute with minimal pain/commitment.

2007 Pontiac officially donated!

2007 Pontiac officially donated!

  1. I upped my employee charitable contribution at work (by $5, let’s not carried away here). I work for a mental health nonprofit and given the healthcare environment on both the state and national levels, every little bit matters. It was so easy—I went to the HR page on our employee portal and edited the amount. Time: 2 minutes.
  2. I drank coffee. (I really went out of my way for this one, folks.) There’s a rad little coffee shop/nonprofit in the town near me called Global Goods and all profits are donated to war victims in Uganda, Syria, and the Congo. Even their employees are volunteers. (Which sometimes means you get the wrong drink or it’s a 12-minute wait for a latte.) So instead of getting my Friday coffee at one of the other 39 coffee shops in town, I chose the one I know gives back. Time: 5 minutes—and only because it takes longer to get your drink. Otherwise it would be a wash.
  3. So, this one may not seem “easy,” but hear me out—I donated my car. I found out in December that the engine was shot and it was essentially totaled. I half-heartedly tried to sell it, but it turns out, no one really wants a 2007 Pontiac G6 that doesn’t run. (Shocker; I know.) So when Colorado Public Radio started their member drive last week, I knew exactly what I was going to do with my car. (I already donate to CPR monthly, but with Trump cutting funding to the arts, I figured I would do what I can for the music I love.) I called CPR, they set up a tow service and that was that. I dropped off the title and keys and I was on my merry way. Time: 20 minutes total. (Mainly because I had to drive the title to where my car was.)

Participating in events and taking time to do acts of kindness are incredible and I truly enjoy those things, but sometimes it’s ok to take the “easy” road. The ability to give varies with everybody. Just because you aren’t rescuing baby ducks, building houses, or organizing protests, does not mean you’re not making an impact. Do what works for you; after all, that’s what matters most.

Take a small step to do good and Make a pledge.

Shannon Gwash doing good by drinking coffee. It really is that easy!

Shannon Gwash doing good by drinking coffee. It really is that easy!

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